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Graduation Requirement

Oral Defense

Stage 1 : Proposal Oral Defense

♦ Submit application by the mid of the semester

♦ Submit the grading form by the end of the semester


Stage 2 : Final Oral Defense

♦ Semester 1: apply before November 15th, and hold before January

♦ Semester 2:  apply before April 15th, and hold before July 31st.


Graduation Procedure

♦ Graduate at semester 1: complete at least one week before the next
   semester begins!
♦ Graduate at semester 2: complete at least two weeks before the next
   semester begins!


If you can’t accomplish the exam, notify us and withdraw the application before
the deadline or it will be counted as “ Fail” in your student record/transcript.   

Procedure handbook and related forms can be downloaded on IMBA website or

E-mail IMBA office for more details!