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Degree Requirements

A minimum of 36 credits of courses plus 6 credits of thesis work is required for graduation.

The curriculum is divided into required and elective courses.

IMBA Required courses (24 credits in total): Core courses (total- 18 credits, 6 courses) + Thesis courses (total - 6 credits, 2-semester courses).

IMBA Elective Courses (minimum: 18 credits, 6 courses)

* Upon approval, students may take up to 15 credits in other College of Management’s Master degree programs that offer English-taught courses.

* Select minimum 3 credits and maximum 12 credits each semester.

This list of required courses for graduation is applicable to students admitted in the academic year 2017 or later.

For matters that are not stipulated in these guidelines,

please consult the【International Students Admission Guidelines for National Taipei University of Technology】,

 and 【Regulations Regarding International Students】.


IMBA Courses



Required Courses  

Total 18 credits, 6 courses

       Management Science

       Information Management  

       Marketing Management 

       Business Ethics

        Management Accounting

        Financial Management

        Business Ethics & Strategic Management

Elective Courses

A minimum of 18 credits,

6 courses (subject to change)

       Project Management


       Project Investment Analysis


       Behavioral Finance   


       Operations Management



        Leadership and Communication
        Management of Technology    
        Time Series Analysis & Process Adjustment
        Leadership and Communication
        Supply Chain Management 
        Quality Management     …etc.                           


Total 6 credits, 2 semester courses


       (second year students)


             (second year students)