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Development & Prospects

This is an English taught International MBA program and is especially designed for international student. Our IMBA program is to equip students with business management skills supported by a global perspective, particularly in response to the trend towards integrated manufacturing and commerce.


TAIPEI TECH IMBA Great offer for International Students

★ 100% English taught program

★ Theoretical business knowledge and practical training

★ A diverse mixture of student nationalities

★ Faculty with outstanding teaching experience

Campus is located in central Taipei City

★ Scholarships and Tuition Waivers



In order to respond to the current international economic situation, increase international competitiveness and promote international exchanges, the International M.B.A. (hereafter IMBA) program in the College of Management at Taipei Tech is designed exclusively for foreign students. The main purpose of this program is to equip students with the insight into business practice they need in a changing global environment. At present, students in the program represent a diverse mixture of student nationalities (more than 17 countries).


Modules: Modified by the College of Management Curriculum Committee and approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE), all modules are taught in English with a specific focus on business management, industrial engineering and management, information and finance management, as well as innovation management. We emphasize the cultivation of elite professionals into future business leaders for both domestic and foreign enterprises; therefore, the IMBA program aims to provide students with a wide range of theoretical knowledge and practical training. 


Faculty: IMBA faculties have great research skills, industry's practical experience as well as the ability and enthusiasm to give lectures in English. Since the establishment of the IMBA program in 2009, the average grade of the IMBA faculty’s teaching evaluation is above 4.0 (the full grade is 5.0). Highly recommended by the Ministry of Education (MOE), we receive numerous applications across the globe each year. It is certainly one of the most outstanding English taught International MBA programs in Taiwan.

Additionally, Taipei Tech provides tuition waivers and scholarships every year (e.g., Taipei Tech International Student Scholarship) to attract outstanding foreign students to pursue their studies here.


Strong and Enthusiastic Faculty 

Great skills and enthusiasm in teaching

Outstanding research capabilities and credential

Practical industry-academic cooperation experiences


Positive Student Response and Feedback

Students select their thesis advisors from the course instructors.
Average teaching evaluation score exceeds 4.0.