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History of IMBA

In order to respond to the trend of globalization, increase international competitiveness and promote international exchanges, the purpose of the International M.B.A. (hereafter IMBA) program is to enroll outstanding students in the world. Moreover, in response to the contemporary international economic situation and the needs of Taiwanese society, this IMBA program attempts to train IMBA students to be top managers who have knowledge in business, industrial engineering and information management, as well as innovation management for both domestic and foreign enterprises.
The Office of International Affairs (hereafter OIA) of Taipei Tech and the IMBA faculty regularly attend Taiwan Education Fairs in southeast Asian nations (e.g., Indonesia and Vietnam) for enrollment promotion. Moreover, we aim to enroll outstanding international students by cooperating with countries with a diplomatic relationship with Taiwan (e.g., the Republic of The Gambia and Burkina Faso) and online promotion. Taipei Tech also provides tuition and fees waivers, as well as scholarships (Special Financial Aid for International Graduate Students and Taipei Tech International Student Scholarship) to attract foreign students to pursue their studies at Taipei Tech.

Why Us?

Outstanding Faculty Members

All members of the IMBA faculty receive their master or Ph.D. degrees from foreign countries or have been to foreign countries for academic exchange. Moreover, they all have had the experience of giving lectures in English. Their highly enthusiastic and high-quality teaching are approved by international students. Since the establishment of the IMBA in 2009, the average grade of the IMBA faculty’s teaching evaluation is above 4.0 (the full grade is 5.0).

Worldwide Reputation

Each year, IMBA has more than 100 applicants from Europe, America, Asia, and Africa, which also shows that the IMBA program has already established its own reputation.

All English-Taught Program

All IMBA courses are taught by teachers who are enthusiastic and have experience in giving lessons in EnglishIn order to further enhance the faculty’s capability of giving lessons in English, the Sunshine Foundation of Taipei Tech provides funds as a means of encouraging the faculty to participate in international academic exchanges. Additionally, all members of the faculty are encouraged to participate in teaching workshops of Taipei Tech or other universities concerning teaching skills enhancement and teaching experience sharing.
Since the establishment of the IMBA in 2009, Taipei Tech and the College of Management have given a lot of assistance and all members of the IMBA faculty have also made a lot of effort. Cooperating with Taipei Tech as a practical research university and the characteristics of College of Management, IMBA has gradually developed its all-English courses consisting of professional and high-quality required and elective courses on the basis of industrial and information management as well as business management.