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Q: How many years does it take to finish the program?

A: Taipei Tech- IMBA is a 2 year Master program (2~4 year limit), you cannot finish it within one year.

Q: Would it also be possible to start in spring?

A: It is NOT possible to start in Spring.

Q: How can I apply for Taipei Tech-IMBA program?

A: You can find info about how to apply for Taipei Tech and scholarship at


TEL:886-2-2771-2171#4559, ext. 6512~6516 FAX:886-2-8773-1879 E-mail:intstudy@ntut.edu.tw

Q: How can I apply for the scholarship? Scholarship

A:  For more details: please visit Taipei Tech- office of international affairs.


Q: When should I submit application documents?

A: Application and deadline please see the below link


    Admission notice will be mailed and the names of admitted students will be posted online at the Taipei Tech website.

    Early September – Registration and Orientation Mid September – the Fall semester begins